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I'm a world wonderer, a dreamer and look for the new and innovative. I want to explore and look for possibilities rather than obstacles. A curious mind is my main tool. In a world dominated by technology and mass production I look for the pioneers, the
entrepreneurs and the fighters.

What does your food tell you?

I often wonder what I eat. The last couple of years I have become more and more aware of what I put in my mouth every day. Of course I do it for that highly desired beach body (I’m still waiting) but, more importantly, I do it in the name of welfare as well; animal welfare, human rights and environmental welfare. I don’t buy bio industry meat myself anymore, but I have to say, that I don’t necessarily refuse it if I eat at someone else’s home. I try to eat as much organic as possible, but hey, I’m still a student! Today when I was in the train for my 6 am (!) commute enjoying my, or what I hope is at least fair trade, coffee I saw a little dream of mine come true! There is a new app (not so surprising in our ‘there is an app for that’ – society) that tells us how a product scores on animal welfare, human rights, environmental welfare and public health; Questionmark. I have often dreamt about this kind of app, so I could do my grocery shopping in a more transparent way. A more transparent food industry is growing but there are still a lot of issues that have to be solved. This app can be used in most (Dutch) grocery stores and even in some retail stores as well. It doesn’t work perfectly but at least it can give you some insights into how the product you’re holding is influencing the world.  



I want to talk to you about a development in Sports that I find FAN-TAS-TIC! Tracking: this can be in any kind of device, clothing, bracelet, shoe or phone. The key point: tracking your movement activities so you can monitor your improvement and compete with other ‘trackers’ (or don’t but than you miss out on the fun part). The tracking part alone makes it interesting; who doesn’t want to see how he/she is improving. That is the great aspect of working out - seeing results. But the most fun and stimulating part is the competing side of it. By adding a game element your workout not only becomes a great energizer but a fun game as well. Throughout the years (decades!) this has always been a great stimulant to get people to do something; winning is what drives them. Developments in technology made all of this possible, and with the ‘cloud’ above us we have our data available anytime, anywhere. There are even tracking devices that help you monitor your life, such as when you have had enough sleep. So if we’re soon able to track every movement, maybe someday life will be one amazing game; Who runs to the grocery store fastest, who’s the most active neighbour, and so on and so on. Maybe the government could set up a reward system. Lower health insurance premiums for those how can show they’re very active. But there is a critical note about this great development. We’ve learned a lot about our privacy (or the lack of it) the last couple of months  so we have to ask ourselves: do we want to monitor our every step and do we trust the government with this information?


Source photo: Pinterest

Shiny, happy people

Due to all kinds of developments (technological, industrial, global, you name it) and an overall sedentary lifestyle, people are getting heavier and heavier. Some people a little bit heavier and some people a lot heavier, but fact is: it’s happening. Research says children should have a maximum TV or PC time to be healthy. Guess what that time is? 2.5 hours. I bet most children (and adults for that matter) spend way more time behind their TV’s and PC’s than 2.5 hours a day. All that time behind their (and let admit, our) screens takes time off playing actively outside or practicing a sport. A lot of companies saw exactly what was happening and introduced clever concepts that featured both; TV/PC and movement. 

Not to be all negative, it brought us good things as well. The modelling world was, and actually still is, dominated by way too skinny girls. It’s quite shocking how little they weigh sometimes. But tides are turning! We see a growth in ‘plus size’ modelling (well, I like to call it: normal people modelling). I think this is a great development because mostly girls, but also boys, need a realistic ‘example’ of what is beautiful, rather than an anorexic, unhealthy version (I love you Kate Moss, but yes I’m talking about you as well). The topic is very contemporary and will be for the coming years I believe. Maybe even Barbie is getting a figure that could actually be ‘real’.

To conclude: I think in order to create a healthy, happy society, it’s necessary to make children enthusiastic about sports and moving actively as well as to create realistic and beautiful examples, choosing our ‘role models’ wisely. Yes I’m aware that this might sound a bit like a Utopia, but I can dream, can’t I? And lets face it; here lie great opportunities for me as a young Lifestyle Professional.  

Shopping is my Cardio

Sports and I never had a love affair. When I was 8, I started horse riding lessons. I loved sitting on the horse but I was too afraid to saddle up the horse; I can tell you that is a problem. So I quit. Then, a few years later, my much braver sister started Taekwondo lessons. I got interested as well and my father bought me very expensive Taekwondo gear. And I quit. I started Streetdance, and I quit. When I got older my friends and I wanted to start at a local gym, but beers were far more interesting at that time so you guessed it… I quit. Somehow my parents (who were both very athletic when they were younger) didn’t pass down the ‘sport gene’ to me. But, I do love to shop and in a way, that is a sport as well. To quote Carrie Bradshaw once again: “Shopping is my Cardio”. 

Last summer I started running. And to my own surprise, I kind of liked it! But winter came and it got dark so…. (yes….). I think I watched a little too much CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) unfortunately (“what is that in the bushes? Did I hear something? What is that behind me?” – no, not so relaxing). But although I don’t have any ‘New Year’ resolutions I do have a ‘life resolution’ – to get in shape. So I will start running again as soon it is light outside when I wake up (no, this is not a lousy excuse) and now it is written on paper (well…kind of).


Hermes Sportswear 
Source: Pinterest 


World Wanderer

When I was a child, I loved to play with dolls, play dressing up and making my own ‘fashion collection’. You could say I was a true girly girl. Through the years, as I grew older, my interest has changed a lot. Although I still love (love) fashion and everything that’s got to do with it I do not create my own ‘fashion collection’ anymore (well, I still customize). I have lost a lot of my imaginative leisure time. As you read in my last post (did you?) I think we’ve (well, I’ve) lost the time to wander and to dream. I love my study (as I have told you numerous times) but it is very time consuming. My leisure time (mostly between 22:30 and 00:00) consists of watching ‘uitzending gemist’ (missed TV programs). Relaxing? Absolutely but I’ve got to tell you, not so good for your imagination.

Last week I had a conversation with my Company Coach (a project coach) and I told her how I love to wander around cities, shops, museums, restaurants, etc. I’m truly a world wanderer. As I’m wandering everything seems to fall into place. I can see things more clearly than before and most of the time I go home with so many new and refreshing insights. And then my routine creeps in. I forget how important (and really significant) this ‘me wander’ time is and focus solely on my schoolwork, totally forgetting that my schoolwork also improves after those wander sprees. So this blog post is actually a note to myself; go out there more, wander more, be more impulsive, explore even more cities and most important: don’t forget how much you LOVE it!

Picture Source: Pinterest


The Utopia candles have the names: Walden (Henry David Thoreau), City of Tomorrow (Le Corbusier) and The Republic (Plato). Inside the beautifully-crafted jar is a candle whose subtly blended fragrance helps evoke the perfect world described by Thoreau, Le Corbusier and Plato. Lighting the candle creates a moment in which we are able to reframe on life’s moments.

Source Picture: The School of Life 

We are rushing through our highly digitalised lives and we hardly create a moment for ourselves to just ‘stand still’ and dream or wonder. These fragranced candles help you do just that. The smell stimulates you to dream of the perfect world, a utopia, and excites your senses. We live in a stress society where career, playing at the top of your game and highly socialized lives became as important as water and bread. But lately I see more and more signals about escaping this world. We’re fed up with rushing through our lives. We want to reflect more and contribute to our society, not only to our own lives. Dreaming and rest is becoming a larger part of our leisure time. We don’t have to be a part of every little thing in life, not only focus on YOLO, but JOMO as well. 


I see it around me and I notice it myself: we’re getting way too little sleep. We have busy lives: we work hard, have a lot of friends, we want to treat our families well and we want enough ‘me time’. To juggle all of this sleep often comes second (or third, fourth or even fifth). It literally has become a ‘waste of time’. But we have forgotten that sleep is a very essential resource: we simply can’t function as well as without enough of it. It is essential for our creativity and originality (remember my latest post: essential!).

A couple of designers are agreeing with me. They too think that people are lacking sleep. Lisa Lagemaat (a Design Academy graduate) has even designed ‘sleep to go’. With her ‘Sleep Over’ she made it possible “to sleep where and whenever you want”. So while waiting for your bus, you can take a quick nap with a piece of her collection comfortable sleeping bags.
Johanneke Procee designed ‘Droomwerk’ which is ‘napping office furniture’ for those quick powernaps during the day which make you much more productive and improves your concentration. The world has become a very exiting place and we don’t want to miss out. And with the technological possibilities we don’t have to miss anything. In order to get enough sleep we must accept the fact that we’re going to miss out but that’s ok! Well… now I have put it into practice..  I will keep you updated. 



Sources photo: Johanneke Procee and Lisa Lagemaat 

Radiant Orchid 18-3224

Pantone announced their Color the 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid 18-3224 (“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones”) on December 5th. The shade ‘encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society’.

Pantone’s Color of the Year is a much-anticipated announcement every single year (previous colors of the year were: Emerald 17-5641 (2013), Tangerine Tango 17-1463 (2012) and Honeysuckle 18-2120 (2011)). For the design industries (Appearance & Living) it gives directions on which color (accents) is appealing. For example Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Juicy Couture and Yoana Baraschi, are incorporating Radiant Orchid into their spring collections and variations of this hue will carry into men’s and women’s clothing and accessories throughout next year.

In Living this eye-catching hue is to be found mostly in paint and accent pieces and accessories. The color look amazing alongside: olive, deeper hunter greens, turquoise, teal and light yellow. But the color looks also amazing next to more neutrals.

To me it is not surprising that the Color of the Year 2014 stands for creativity and originality. It says quite a lot about the society we’re living in right now. Money and wealth are not the highest attainable any more; to be successful in our western society you need to be creative and original.

I find it an optimistic color and I’m glad people are going to be surrounding themselves with this vibrant hue. A brighter future is ahead of us. I’m sure of that! 



Source photos: PSFK

This makes streets so much more fun! 

This makes streets so much more fun! 

A Piece

Lately I’m reading about fast-fashion. You’re all familiar with it and I’m pretty sure that almost your entire closet is filled with it. Thanks to the endless technical possibilities Zara, for example, needs only two weeks to get that new design from sketch into computer and into the store (and in your closet for that matter). I often buy clothes and they often are from the Zara (it’s like a candy store to me, all those nice things!). But the last couple of months I am noticing a change in the way I think, and with me so many more people. I somehow want to invest in ‘Pieces’. ‘Pieces’ that are timeless, of good quality and that I bought in stores which I know have the same mentality as I have. Don’t get me wrong; I still often end up in Zara but I’m longing for those ‘Pieces’. I often tell my friends that I buy things ‘for a lifetime’ (those who know me well, will recognise this phrase immediately) and most of the time this is an excuse to buy something ridiculously expensive. But maybe this isn’t such a bad idea, and maybe I’m right! Isn’t it much more satisfying to buy something for a lifetime (well at least for a very long time) than buying something that you have to toss away after washing it for three times?! Fast-fashion made us (well me) fast-consumers but times are changing. We are detoxing from our old habits and are investing, investing in ‘Pieces’. 

-       a beautiful piece of clothing